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We believe that fitness makes life better. Wherever you're starting, whatever your goals, we offer a supportive and knowledgeable environment customized to your particular needs. To move with ease, to perform the activities of daily living without pain, to be strong and confident, to perform at a higher level. Whether you are recovering from injury or are a seasoned athlete, we're here for you. Today, tomorrow, for life.

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Our Trainers, Our Mission, Our Approach to Wellness, Our Environment, Our Community of Members

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I have been an avid runner my whole life but found myself plateauing especially with strength I began searching for a gym that could give me the support and program that fit my needs. Movement evolved has given me exactly that. Under their professional guidance and individualized program, I was able to push my running because of being stronger. Even got a personal best at the Chicago Marathon in October, 2018. Plus we always fun — even when we have to do burpees!
— Liz G.

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One-on-One Personal Training, Semi-Private Fitness, Group Classes, Specialty Training, and Nutritional Coaching

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In August 2017, I began working with Movement Evolved (then MOVE Fitness) to restore my fitness. Since then, I have increased my strength and improved my balance...important at any age, but especially for me as I move into my “senior years”. Sarah, Kim, and Kristen have created an intergenerational community of folks who cheer one another on and have a heck of a lot of fun together. I am so very grateful for the knowledge, encouragement and dedication these three women share so generously at Movement Evolved.
— Karen L.R.