Why Running Isn't Enough

So you’re a regular runner, skier or biker. You’re fit and active, you feel good and move well - that’s awesome! But are you doing all you can to maintain your muscle strength, stay balanced and maintain your overall fitness? Probably not - unless you are taking part in a regular strength training program that is addressing your weak areas and helping to keep you balanced in strength and all planes of movement. If you only run (or bike, or walk, or ski) you are primarily working your body in the sagittal plane (front to back movements - what you do if you are doing any of those activities). You also need to be strong in the transverse (rotational or twisting movements) and frontal (side to side movements) planes of motion. Visit this link describing the planes of motion if you’d like to geek out on them a little more!

By balancing out your strength and working in the multi-dimensional planes that our body is meant you move in, you can actually become a better, stronger runner! Think faster miles, improved PR’s, and most important (in my opinion) less prone to injury as well as faster recovery.

So, how do you go about doing that? Well, first off, it means you need to spend some of your workout time NOT running, but doing other focused strength and mobility work. This can include lunges and squats, which are great for strengthening the main leg muscles for running, but also things that get you moving laterally - jumping jacks and skaters - or stepping laterally with a mini-band around the ankles is a great way to get the outer hip muscles firing - which is important for stabilizing the knee. Adding a torso twist or rotation to a lunge or squat is a great way to work into the transverse plane...and you can also do this with focused core work that includes the russian twist or a side plank with rotation.

There are lots of great (and some not so great) programs available in magazines or online - here's a pretty decent one, but there’s nothing like in-person coaching. Check out a bootcamp at Movement Evolved to get a great total body workout that will move you through the different planes of motion, keep your strength balanced and keep you challenged - which will improve your game as a runner, skier or biker! Not to mention that it’s a ton of fun! The coaches at Movement Evolved will make sure you are performing every movement safely and effectively to get the most out of your workout.

Group class at Movement Evolved.

Group class at Movement Evolved.

If group classes aren’t your thing - have no fear! We can meet with you individually to discuss your goals, take you through a Functional Movement Screening to uncover any areas of weakness, asymmetry or tightness - and use that information to build you a personalized program to help make you bulletproof! Well, maybe not quite bulletproof, but it will balance out your strength and help you prevent injury while you keep doing the sports activities you most enjoy! Give us a call at 802-565-8627, check us out on our website at www.movementevolvedvt.com, or on FB and Instagram.