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All-Levels Boot Camp


Movement Evolved All-Levels Boot Camp classes are a fast-paced, varied workout designed to challenge and engage you with a mix of strength and cardio exercises. The formats and movements change each day, and the possibilities are endless! Classes are limited to just 10 participants so that your coach can keep a close eye on safety and form. Each 60-minute class contains ample time for mobility and warm-up, movement demonstrations and practice, a great workout (anywhere from 20-35 minutes in length) and a chance to cool down before heading back into the world. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive, and the work is scalable to all bodies and levels of abilities. Boot Camp is a great introduction to our coaches and community.

low-impact conditioning


all-levels Core Strength

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Movement Evolved is dedicated to offering classes for ALL bodies. Our Low-Impact Conditioning class is perfect for the bodies that — for whatever reason — would benefit from less jumping, fewer up/down transitions, and lighter weight. This inclusive class features more rest time between sets, coach demonstration throughout the body of the workout (so that you can watch and work simultaneously), extended warm-up and cool down periods, and a fantastic sense of community. Utilizing a range of tools and light weights, Low-Impact Conditioning is ideal for those new to fitness or getting reacquainted with fitness after some time away, people with injuries that may limit their ability/desire for a HIIT workout, and older individuals who want to challenge themselves in a strength-building, heart-pounding, motivating group class.

A strong, stable core is the ultimate foundation of a stronger, more balanced and efficient body. Movement Evolved All-Levels Core Strength classes utilize a wide range of movements to strengthen the entire center of the body in a way that’s safe, moderately paced, and challenging. Through a variety of mostly body weight movements on the mat, participants learn to effectively build their core muscles, protect their low backs, and initiate daily movements with strength and balance. Incorporating elements of Pilates, All-Levels Core Strength is varied, fun, and accessible to anyone. ** Please talk with Kristen beforehand if you are a new mom or have osteopenia/osteoporosis so that we can discuss alternative movements to certain exercises that you can safely perform in class.

Barbell Strength


Movement Evolved’s dedicated strength-training class compliments your cardio and core workout and brings another level of strength and fun into your fitness routine. Classes are limited to 6 participants so that you will get the attention you need. This 60-minute class starts off with mobility to prepare you for the movements of the day, followed by learning skills necessary for safe movement with barbells, kettlebells or dumbbells, and finishes off with a short conditioning segment at the end.  Whether you are an avid lifter or have not ventured outside of the the cardio world, we make this class work for you. ***Please note that the pricing structure for this class is different than that of our other group classes. Please check our pricing page for details.