Our vision

Movement Evolved is a community focused fitness center where everyone is welcome to receive quality coaching at any stage of life.

Simply put, come as you are. We will meet you there, work with you to develop goals to improve your life, and apply our knowledge to helping you get where you want to be. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the way we work with clients. We are here to support every body at every turn.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our members with quality coaching while meeting them at any stage of their fitness journey. We know that our members’ needs vary. Our focus is on strength training and functional fitness. We specialize in personalized training (either in a semi-private or one-on-one format) to help members realize and surpass their fitness goals. Both semi-private and 1:1 training sessions allow members to utilize personalized programming in a small group or private setting. We also offer fun and creative group classes to make sure members stay engaged, build confidence and see results. 


  • We believe functional movement and strength training is the recipe for longevity, quality of life, and the capacity to accomplish life goals.

  • We believe quality coaching requires a solid knowledge base to help members improve strength and wellness through smart, safe training methods.

  • We are dedicated to each of our members. We strive to make members feel comfortable as we meet them at their own stage of their fitness journey.

  • We work towards recovery and/or prevention of injury, along with building confidence through achievement of fitness goals in an environment that values positive body image. 

  • We want to help you see that you are better today than yesterday. 

I used to have a frequent flyer discount to see my chiropractor I had to go so many times... Not anymore! Sure I go from time to time, but the chronic back pain is gone. Plus, I am so much more agile and able to do things I haven’t been able to do since I was in my 40’s which was over 25 years ago. Thank you Movement Evolved for helping me live a more active life.
Going Strong at 66!
— Charlie Page, Randolph, VT